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Commission Me @ Bones Eye View
So what exactly is an Artwork “Commission” or “Custom” Art.

A “commission”(ed) piece of art (or ‘custom’ artwork) is a piece of art that is drawn by me, but tailored to your desires. Basically, I will draw whatever you want! I have been a commissioned artist for 9 years as a tattoo artist, and using mixed media such as digital, traditional and non-traditional art.

Art Commission Information

I. Art Type Options & Pricing:
Prices are based on the art type, medium used, image size, and complexity of the image.

II. Payment Method/Options:
I require 1/2 of the total up front to cover material costs as a deposit. The second 1/2 is due upon completion of the commission. I am a full-time artist and at any given time, I am usually working on commissioned projects, so I typically stay quite busy. Please be sure to contact me with plenty of time in advance of any deadlines.

Payments can be made in cash or by using PayPal. All prices are in U.S. dollars. If client currency is foreign, send the correct amount equal to the listed U.S. price.

Gratuities are appreciated, but not expected.

III. Mediums That I Work With:

Digital Commissions
Digital images are created through use of either Autodesk Sketchbook Pro or Adobe Photoshop.

Clients will normally receive digital commissions in print after the full payment is received. If the client is using the commission for commercial use and has agreed to the commercial agreement, the client will have the option of receiving the artwork on a disk, in print or both after the full payment is received.

Clients will get to view the finished product and possible other variations in the Client Proofing section of my website. Clients will receive a password for access and can make their selections and final payment for the commissioned art.

Minimum Sketches (No Background)
Inking (No Color/No Background)
Full Color (No Background)
Full color & Background

Digital Logo Commissions

Traditional Commissions
Colored Pencil
*On Canvas

Non-Traditional Surface
Blank Vinyl Toys
Medium of Your Choice

IV. Revisions:
There will be opportunities for you to inform me of any revisions you wish to be made on the image, as I will post previews of the image at certain stages for you to review by using the Client Proofing section of my website. Clients will receive a password for access and can view the art in progress. This must be requested by the client before the commissioned art is started.

V. Additional Services:
Commercial use of commissioned piece/license agreement is subjected to extra fees.

VI. My Policy/Copyright Information:
As the artist, I own the rights to my own works. The commissioned work(s) should be used for personal use only (i.e. non-profit and non-commercial use), unless the commissioned work was created for commercial use (i.e. you paid for the commercial use fee and agreed to the terms for it). Whether the commissioned work is intended for personal or commercial use, the work must be properly credited to me. I also have the right to refuse certain commissions, as there might be some requests I may not agree upon. I also have the right to show the commissioned piece for portfolio purposes. I will not however, make prints of the commissioned works for the public as I respect the commissioner. I believe the commissioned work is unique and belongs to the commissioner alone; it is up to the commissioner to share the piece since they requested and paid for the work, as long as they do not infringe the personal use policy. I will only make prints available to the public if the commissioner wants me to, or agrees when I ask if I can make prints of the commissioned piece(s).

*This Art Commission Information page acts as a contract as well as a guide. So if you commission me, you agree to these terms/policies.

VII. Contact:
To commission me I will need the following information from you first:
First and Last Name
Physical Address
Phone Number with Area Code
E-mail Address (If you are using PayPal to pay for this commission, please use that email address)
Commission Type and Details Pertaining to the Commission, (this is where you type the basic information of what you’d like me to create for you.)

I will get back to you via your given email address in 3-4 days about the details of the piece of artwork, pricing, and acquire possible references. Remember to check your junk folder if you do not see it in your inbox! You may also contact me if you have any questions as well.
If I do not respond to your message within a week, it may be because the message has not reached my inbox, so please send another message.


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