Sacramento Outside Premier for Red Hot Design

This is a repost with permission from my fiance’s blog, April Cadran.
RHD Fix-2

Monday night we enjoyed a little red carpet treatment in Sacramento for the outside premier for Red Hot Design hosted by The Vintage Monkey on FYI an A&E Television Network.

We were there to support the show, our friend and cast member Thomas Ramey. Thomas’ fiancé Shayla Ullery was also there, of course, but not just for support, she was in the first episode. Rumor has it she will be in the second episode too. We mingled with the cast, crew members and their supporting friends as we sat under the stars enjoying some beverages, yummy food from Wicked ‘Wich food truck, and the premier of Red Hot Design.

This show is a mix of interior design, salvaging and repurposing different kinds of metal into amazing one of a kind pieces of art that add to the existing architecture, and a lot of humor.

We met Jeff and Romeo at the premier. They are the sweet couple from the first episode “Game On!” who had a design work done. Shayla was also on the premier, representing Fallen Angel Tattoo where she works as a tattoo artist. The owner of Fallen Angel Tattoo, Tom Cooney and Carrie Higgins, also had some design work done.


We met a lot of great people and we cannot wait to see the next episode!

Please show your support and watch Red Hot Design on FYI at 10pm every Monday and get to know Shasta Smith, Toney Bures, Alex English, Jason Chernowetz, and our friend Thomas Ramey. If you missed the first episode, you can watch it now online on FYI.

Please go to FYI’s Facebook page and leave some positive comments and feedback for the show.

You should also check out Thomas Ramey’s website for other amazing projects and art.


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