Skull Spoons

There are only 4 spoons left in my collection for sale before I start on a new spoon collection. Check out my website or stop by DV8 Tattoo and Piercing in Roseville to take a look at the last 4 spoons. They make a great gift and a great addition to the art you have in your home.


Last month on October 16th, my blog was hit by almost 800 viewers looking at my spoons. I was shocked, as my blog has never received so many hits. One of the admirers posted my pictures on, his name is Andrew Solomone. After, they were shared all over the place,,,, and

Word of mouth or internet shares sure travel far. While I appreciate all of the people who have viewed my blog and spoons, I was disturbed by one of the people who posted a picture of my spoons.

During my discovery, I found a guy misrepresenting a picture I posted of a group of my spoons taken with my camera. His website claims that this is a part of his portfolio at Gaks Designs by Tom Sales aka Pinky Diablo

I have sent an email asking him to either take the picture down or post who the artist really is. We will see what avenue he takes.


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