Book Cover

I was asked by my friend Melissa Niska to help bring her vision for her new books cover, Rain, to life. Melissa has been writing since she was a child and has been working on her Liliphim novels, Rain, Drahomir, Cyprian, and currently on Septimia. She also writes short stories which can be found here Melissa Niska and here Let Me Spin You A Yarn .

You can purchase a copy here Creat Space, make sure you purchase the series, you wouldn’t want to cut your adventure short.

Rain by Melissa Niska

“At the end of a perfectly mundane day Rain Hart’s life was forever altered. Finding herself suddenly thrust into the center of a supernatural world filled with creatures she never dreamed existed, she quickly learns what she is and that the cost of her happiness can be high, but is it more than she’s willing to pay? The unexpected renown she attains through nothing more than being real gains her invaluable friends and dangerous enemies. Raised an orphan in a human world she never thought she’d learn who her parents were; the truth of her lineage just might kill her.”

I only helped with one book, Rain, along with Brian Clifton (Illustrator) and Nichelle Nolan (Photographer).

Melissa Niska


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